The last word on managing fear

There are 2 kinds of fear, the healthy kind that protects us from doing stupid things, and the inhibiting kind that keeps us from growing and challenging ourselves. They feel the same in our bodies which is why you need to learn to tell the two apart. Fear is sneaky, it is a chameleon, it hides in plain sight and … Read more

What to expect when you make a big change

There’s change, and then there’s change. The first one might be something like: you grow your hair out; or, you get a new car. The second one will look more like: I graduated from college, got a job in finance and realized I hated it, now I’m a chef; or, I used to live in … Read more

How many times does it take to change?

If you’re anything like me you’ve been sure that this time is the time you will ‘do it’—whatever ‘it’ is—but it isn’t. I could see the pattern: go on a diet, gain the weight back; start an exercise routine, let it go; decide to go for a better job, stay where I was; break up with my … Read more