You’ve had it, you are done working at a job that drains you, you are done working at a place that does not value your input, you are done living in a body you don’t recognize, you are done being the breadwinner for a partner that isn’t holding up their end, you are done trying to please people, you are done hoping the situation will change.

Great! Now what? Yeah, that’s the real question, what do you do when you get to the point that you feel “done”, how do you make it different, what is the first step?

I am happy to tell you that you’ve taken it: knowing you are done is the beginning.

You’ve probably tried to tackle this particular thing before, in many different ways, or the same way over and over but here you are, trying again.

So the next question is: are you ready to do what it takes to create the change you desire? Are you ready to try a new way?

First you need to understand why you are where you are, I mean really understand, not the reasons that sound like you are a victim of life circumstances. I am talking about the reasons that have to do with why you have made the choices and decisions that have created this life you want to change. I am talking about the doubts and insecurities that you try to distract yourself from with overeating, drinking, over-scheduling, trolling Facebook, gossip, whining, extreme workouts, or whatever your go-to is.

I am talking about the thoughts that keep you living small.

Some of mine sound like this: it’s not going to work; I don’t want to; why do I have to; why is it so much easier for ‘them’; if I was more educated, or better trained.

What are some of yours, I’d love to know? Put them in the comments below (and here’s a tip: naming and owning the thoughts that limit you is the start of changing them!).

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