You are not those thoughts which are turning, churning in your mind; you are not those changing feelings; …
…You will find when you have come out of what you are not, that the ripple on the water is whispering to you, ‘I am That’, the birds in the trees are singing to you, ‘I am That’… —Shantananda Saraswati, Good Company

Letting go of what we know is an unfamiliar practice. From the time we are born we are building a sense of self—who we are, and how we fit into the big picture. Your collected life experiences are the stories that shape and create the beliefs you carry about yourself—it is how you show up in the world—you take them on job interviews, you are attracted to them (or not) when you meet someone new, you rely on them as your compass for navigating and handling life.

But what do you do when those stories and beliefs are undermining the life you want to live? You learn to let go of the what no longer fits, like cleaning out your mental closet. And just like when you clean out your clothes closet, you will encounter resistance and emotions that make it hard to let go of those comfy clothes thoughts.

Sticking with the closet metaphor, it helps to think of it as making room. You’re not getting rid of everything, you’re making it easier to see what’s there, what fits and what you might want to add.

Letting go of what we know makes it possible to ‘come out of what you are not’ and become what you are meant to be.

What I am not: a victim, overweight, unworthy, unloveable, self-loathing.

What are you not? Leave a comment below.


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